I am the original 'Uneasy Rider' .. not especially blessed with much natural motorcycling talent, nor am I a particularly courageous motorcycle rider.
Nevertheless I went 'Right Way Round' New Zealand (at least twice) followed by a wonderful ride around Australia.

Then it was up to southeast Asia, around Indo-China, across southern Central Asia to the Middle East, Asia Minor .. and finally into Europe.

Right Way Round - all the way home .. from New Zealand to England, 2-up on a Honda Transalp.


PROGRESS SO FAR - Distance covered across Western Europe: 6,411 km [3,984 miles] - as at Thursday, October-22nd, 2015

Kit and Gear

  • What's Under The Seat?
In addition to the Autocom system, the following items also live under the saddle:
  1. Tyre bead breaker
  2. 3 x tyre leavers, two that c/w a wrench end that fits both the front and rear axle nut
  3. Assorted tool kit
  4. 12v electrical power outlet
  5. Assorted spanners and wrenches
  6. Bike manual
  7. Spare inner tubes (front & rear)
  8. Puncture repair kit
  9. Cable ties (assorted sizes); and duct tape. 
Slime 12v Electric Tyre Pump - Awesome piece of kit. Inflates a tyre from 0 psi to 32 psi in 4 minutes !

Chain Repair Kit

– chain breaker
– spare length of chain
– chain spring links

  • 7-Litre Fuel Cell/Bladder
Designed for the military, this tough 7L cell/bladder is ideal for carrying extra fuel. An additional 7-Litres extends my travelling range from just over 300 km, to well over 400 km.

Puncture resistant and flexible enough to be folded away, this lightweight (0.6kg when empty) is a great alternative to an expensive additional hard and cumbersome jerry can. Has its own unique spout which reverses into the bladder when not required.

As I say, simply folds-up when empty, enabling it to be stored away in any small confined area on the bike. A very handy accessory to have on-board.

  • Leatherman 'Blast' multi-tool
Just about the handiest pocket tool I've ever owned. Constantly used. Tools include:

    - 420HC Clip-point Knife
    - Needlenose Pliers
    - Regular Pliers
    - Wire Cutters
    - Hard-wire Cutters
    - Wire Stripper
    - Large Screwdriver
    - Small Screwdriver
    - Philips screwdriver
    - Wood/Metal File
    - Saw
    - Scissors
    - Bottle Opener
    - Can Opener
    - 8 in / 19 cm ruler
    - Phillips and Flat Tip Eyeglasses Screwdriver Bit

Carried mainly for the bottle opener, of course!

  • Airhawk Cushion
Manufactured in the USA, Airhawk technology uses interconnected inflatable air cells that, for me, eliminates the usual discomfort, numbness and pain I tend to experience from spending many hours on the road.

Under the cover

I'm on my third Airhawk at the moment, the previous two having sustained irreparable punctures - and they're not cheap, at around GB£130.00! (neoprene version).

If this third cushion breaks-down for any reason, then I'll consider either: (a) getting the saddle rebuilt with special customised padding; or (b) buying an alternative Freedom Air cushion, of which I've read some really good reports.

  • Coleman Avior X3 Expedition Tent
Acquired this little quick & easy to erect (5-mins) 2/3-person tent to save on our accommodation costs. What attracted us to this particular make and model were the rave reviews it's received - for some sample testimony click here and here. The packed carry-bag size and weight of 42cm x 23cm and 2.95kg means that it can easily fit and be carried on top of one of the alu panniers.

  • Snugpak Travelpak Extreme Sleeping Bags (x2)
We've had these 3-seasons bags since 2005. They work - and pack-up small in their compression stuff sacks.
  • + Inflatable pillows
  • Therm-a-Rest ProLite 4 (regular size) Mattress - self-inflating
Bought for the following reasons: (a) the superior comfort and lifetime guarantee; (b) the decent open useable size of 183 x 51cm (thickness 3.8cm); and again (c) for their small packed size and weight of 28cm x 14cm & 680g.

  • Exped DownMat 7 DLX - integrated pump
With interior goose down insulation, the Exped is slightly warmer - and larger than the Therm-a-Rest at 193 x 65 cm (thickness 7.0cm) - but still stuffs away into a 27 x14cm packsack.

  • Pannier Inner Bags
    Made to measure by Bags2cover Ltd who operate up in Loughborough, Leicestershire.
    A good company to do business with by the way. 

    • Dust Cover
      We often leave the bike laid-up for many months at a time. The ability to keep the inevitable storage dust from settling is a nice option. Good too if we need to leave the bike unattended for a period whilst on the road, as it tends to stop inquisitive eyes (and hands) at bay.


      Motul Tyre repair

      Repairs and reinflates a punctured tyre without removal or tools. Latex based: Does not damage the tyre or the tube. We'll see .. maybe!

      • First Aid Kit

           – Assorted Waterproof Plasters
           – Antiseptic Cream
           – Antiseptic Wipes
           – Antiseptic New-Skin Spray
           – Surgical Tape
           – Scissors
           – Melolin Wound Dressing Pad
           – Insect Repellent Spray
           – Antihistamine Cream (Bite and Sting Relief)
           – High Factor Sun Protection Cream
           – Pain Relievers

        • Gelert 0.5W LED Head Light

        • Wind-up LED Torch

        • Praktica W8x21-DCF Compact Folding Binoculars

        • Tyre Pressure Gauge; and 
        • Tyre Valve 90ยบ Adapter

          • Bottled Water
          Typically around six 500ml bottles of water


          • Lonely Planet - Indo-China travel guide

          Not accurate by any means, but still the best guide out there nevertheless.

          • Reise-Know-How road maps

          Waterproof and tear-resistant. Brilliant.